Let's Talk: Membership experience

IoIC Membership Development Manager, Richard Bowes, chaired our latest Let's Talk huddle allowing members the opportunity to share their feedback around their membership experience.

18 Aug 2023
by Samantha Medaglia

This week’s Let’s Talk huddle allowed our members the opportunity to share feedback around their membership experience, and get caught up on the latest IoIC updates.

With our usual open-floor format with Chatham House rules, this week’s session was much more intimate and conversational as it related to the personal opinions an experiences of our members in attendance.

Here’s what we covered.

The first year now behind us with our new website, the IoIC team was pleased to hear that our members are finding the new digital experience to be much easier to navigate. Though the new platform is more user-friendly with a slick modern feel, we’ve learned that there are still bits and pieces that our members are discovering that they were unfamiliar with previously. An opportunity to highlight our website capabilities and provide additional sign-posting as we move forward.

We understand that change can take some getting used to, and though while many areas of our website are now easier to use it has been brought to our attention that the elimination of printable versions of our Knowledge Hub resources may have been a bit sudden. As we are making a conscious effort to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious, we will (where possible) explore the possibility of including more printer-friend versions of some of our more popular resources.

With members keen to have the opportunity to connect with each other and network beyond the in-person events, we were pleased to be able to share an update on our Communities project. At present, the IoIC is exploring different options for community integration and carefully considering a variety of factors including: ease of use, integration with our existing website and tools, and the ability for single sign on. We don’t want to implement something that won’t be seamless for our members to use, and recognise that community groups is a common challenge across many organisations.

As we work to change and adjust the format of our membership briefing that comes out each Friday, comments from attendees have reinforced our decision to focus our attention on ensuring our members are well informed of how to use the different sections of the website, and where they can find everything they need. We will be highlighting member benefits, and ensuring that topics and resources are well sign-posted, clear, and accessible, so that even those who engage less frequently know where to find what they’re looking for or how to get involved.

We were pleased that the overall feedback from this session was positive, and we appreciate the comments shared with the team and look forward to continuing to explore ways in which we can improve our members’ experience.

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