New IoIC Fellows Announced

IoIC has awarded 20 new Fellowships this month recognising their exemplary achievements and contributions to internal communication

07 Mar 2024
The Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) has proudly unveiled the latest recipients of its highly esteemed Fellowship, recognising their exemplary achievements and contributions to internal communication. The IoIC Fellowship stands as a prestigious accolade, symbolising exceptional expertise and dedication within the profession.

It is testament to the outstanding calibre of the profession that the IoIC has awarded Fellowship to 20 deserving individuals. These recipients have demonstrated incredible expertise, innovation, and impact in their respective roles, shaping the landscape of internal communication through their contributions.

"We are thrilled to welcome these 20 exceptional professionals into the esteemed and growing ranks of IoIC Fellowship," said Suzanne Peck, President of the Institute of Internal Communication.

"Their demonstrated commitment, expertise, and accomplishments exemplify the pinnacle of excellence in our field, and we are keen to see the continued positive influence they will bring to internal communication and their continued contribution to advancing our profession."

The IoIC extends heartfelt congratulations to the newly appointed Fellows, acknowledging the invaluable contributions they have made to advance the profession. This expansion of the Fellowship underscores the robust growth and evolving excellence within the internal communication community.

As the Institute looks ahead, we are looking forward to working with the new Fellows to further enhance the practice of internal communication and support newer professionals in their career journeys in the ever-evolving landscape of internal communication.

Our new Fellows are:

  • Addea Amoa
  • Allison Cary
  • Amy Hockey
  • Chloe Maple
  • Christine Crofts
  • Claire Widd
  • Edyta Blachowska
  • Elizabeth Reynolds
  • Fran Chambers
  • Helen Kelley
  • Jessica Roberts
  • Lesley McBride
  • Mark Hermitage
  • Melanie Hinds
  • Mike Klein
  • Nicki Dyson
  • Paul Diggins
  • Richard Riche
  • Russell-Olivia Brooklands
  • Shalini Gupta