Accessible Communication

Accessible Communication

Internal communication professionals understand the need to reach their entire audience. However, the reality is that without developing communications with accessibility in mind, you could be inadvertently excluding 20% of your audience.

  • Have you ever wondered how blind people consume digital information? We’ll share the user journey with you and show you how to design communications that work with accessible technologies.
  • Do you understand the positive impact some small changes can have on people who are neurodivergent? This course will provide you with practical steps, including some quick wins.
  • Are you comfortable with delivering different media types in inclusive formats? The programme will look at how to deliver inclusive solutions, and how to save time and money by including accessibility from the point of scripting and design.

This highly interactive and hands-on course will help internal communications professionals to develop the skills to reach, engage and connect with their entire audience.

From practical steps on how to make documents accessible without compromising on aesthetics, to enabling brand compliance and inclusion to work in harmony, the course will also help enable you to enable your business.

Who is the course for? 

8 IoIC CPD Points

The course is aimed at internal communication professionals who would like to understand more about accessible and inclusive communication. 

The course is aligned to the Understanding People and Cultures and the Creating and Curating Content and Conversation Areas of the Profession Map. 

Learning Objectives 

  • Understand the impact accessible and inclusive communications have on your audience.
  • Know which tools are readily available and which could be sourced, to enable inclusive communication.
  • Understand what assistive technologies are and how they interact with communication materials.
  • Have a suite of practical top tips to take-away on how to create inclusive documents.
  • Feel confident that inclusion can complement branding guidelines.
  • Learn about tried and tested solutions to improve ways of working, to achieve inclusive communication throughout an organisation.

Course Agenda 

Introduction to inclusive communications

  • Disability inclusion value drivers.
  • How inclusive communications impacts your audience.
  • Language and terminology.
  • Imagery selection.

Assistive Technology

  • Readily available tools you may not know existed.
  • Assistive technology – what is it and who uses it?
  • Screen reader demonstration.
  • Interaction with communication channels.

Practical Implementation (including demonstrations)

  • Creating inclusive documents.
  • Document structure.
  • Tools and resources.

Brand compliance

  • Inclusion isn’t a compromise, it’s an asset.
  • Colour pallets used accessibly.

Inclusive Progress

  • The realities of changing ways of working.
  • Guidance on driving an accessible communication culture.

Additional benefits

  • This is a highly collaborative course, with peer discussions and learning activities

  • Accessible and inclusive comms can help enable your business to attract and retain talent 

  • Pre and post-course access to Canvas, the IoIC's dedicated online learning environment
  • Eight CPD points for IoIC Members. 

Please note that we use Zoom for our online courses. Please ensure that you are able to access this system where you are based before booking your place. All times are BST/GMT. 

Your Trainer 

Picture of Jodie Greer

Jodie Greer 

Founder, Be #PeopleSmart

Jodie Greer is the Founder of Be #PeopleSmart, providing consultancy services on disability inclusion and accessibility throughout an organisation’s journey, and for their continuous improvement. Jodie has been passionate about disability inclusion for longer than she can remember, and so took the leap from more than two decades in the corporate world, to support more organisations to be #PeopleSmart.

Jodie is particularly passionate about inclusive communication, as it is beneficial for all of us and essential for many. Jodie has effectively implemented inclusive communication strategies and policies at a global level and loves working with people who want to make positive changes.