Crisis Management and Resilience: Planning for the Unexpected

Crisis Management and Resilience: Planning for the Unexpected

One of the greatest tests for any organisation is the moment a crisis occurs. In today’s complex working world, showing resilience and maintaining “business as usual” is essential if your company is to survive and thrive.

The mark of a resilient workplace is one where employees cope well with unexpected circumstances and find ways to overcome adversity.  Having a crisis plan is an essential way of dealing with the unforeseen in your organisation and it’s something you can prepare and practise.  

The Crisis Management and Resilience Workshop: Planning for the Unexpected will prepare you for crises or unexpected events so you are always ready to respond swiftly, factually and honestly to retain the support of those who matter most: your employees and stakeholders. 

What will the course cover?

The course focuses on the integral role of internal communicators in managing and maintaining resilience through the planning, acute response and aftermath stages of a crisis. 

The workshop will explore crisis planning - showing you how to use planning to demonstrate organisational dependability, agility, initiative and leadership skills. It will encourage you to master a 'what if' mindset, and to understand the short and long-term consequences and change unexpected events can bring.

The course will help you to build the skills you need to communicate effectively as crisis managers, retain trust through a crisis and rebuild after a crisis, providing you with an essential crisis management toolkit and helping to protect your organisation from common problems. 

By the end of the course, you should know how to:

• Create and initiate a plan to control and mitigate the effects of a crisis.

• Effectively brief staff and stakeholders.

• Ensure staff compliance with communication protocols.

8 IoIC CPD Points

• Refine internal emergency notification systems.

• Prepare to engage both internally and externally.

• Retain the support of those who matter most.

• Maintain powerful resilience, despite ongoing challenges.

• Encourage employees to play their part in stabilising the workplace and rebuilding reputation and confidence.

Who is the course for?

The course is most suited for those working at Levels 2 and 3 of the Profession Map. 

Additional benefits

Additional benefits include:  

  • Opportunities to share approaches and ideas and learn from other organisations and practitioners through peer-to-peer discussions and group masterminding
  • Pre and post-course access to Canvas, the IoIC's dedicated online learning environment
  • Eight CPD Points for IoIC members.

Please note that we use Zoom for our online courses. Please ensure that you are able to access this system where you are based before booking your place. All times are in BST. 


Liz Havern

Liz Havern

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