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hashtagWe want to see more students and young people - and, indeed, anybody who is making decisions about the direction of their career - proactively choosing the internal communication profession. 

At the IoIC, we believe that encouraging people to consider a career in IC is important not only because internal communication is a highly rewarding career, but because we need to ensure that we are creating a talent pipeline of people who can continue to raise the standard of internal communication in organisations in a world where keeping people connected, informed and purposeful is more important than ever. 

If you're thinking about starting your career in internal communication, the following may be useful:

The IC Career Guide: Produced by members of our FutureNet committee, The IC Career Guide provides insights such as what internal communication is; where internal communicators work; what a career in internal communication could look like; and how you can get started. 

#IChoseIC Blogs: We've invited internal communication professionals to share the story of their journey into the profession and the reasons why they love their role and continue to choose IC. 

#IChoseIC Webinar: In this webinar, we were joined by various IC professionals who provided insights into the profession. We also spoke about the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in internal communication. 

IoIC Profession Map: Find out more about the role and purpose of internal communication in organisaions, as well as the various activities which you might be involved in, and the skills and knowledge required to thrive in an IC role. 

IoIC Student Membership: The IoIC is proud to offer student membership to anyone who is currently studying either full time or part time and has an interest in internal communication. 

The IoIC jobs board: Search for your first IC role!

If you have any questions about the internal communication profession or would like some advice on how to get started, please email [email protected] 


  • 19th April 2021
    The latest in the IoIC’s series of roundtables for Fellows (our most senior grade of membership) focused on the issue of ‘strategic listening’ – as employees increasingly want and expect to be heard...
  • 26th March 2021
        Be part of shaping and supporting your Institute by standing for the IoIC Board We’re looking for exceptional people to help us support our members today, and for tomorrow. The IoIC...
  • 23rd March 2021
    We’re sad to share the news that IoIC Membership & Operations manager Tim Beynon died in hospital on Sunday after a short battle with cancer. His wife Susan said that she felt very...
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