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The Critical Importance of Feedback Loops

The critical importance of feedback loops in the future of work

The pace of change in the world today is unprecedented. Covid-19 has revealed flaws in many of the systems that underpin a healthy society, exposing fragilities that require us to upgrade how we live and work in the 21st century. On a daily basis, it’s increasingly challenging to keep track of all the shifts in society, politics, the economy and the environment.

Continuous change creates market ambiguity, which has a significant impact on organisations. If there’s any such thing as a “new normal”, it’s that navigating uncharted territories is part of worklife now. Increasingly, fast-paced and hyper-competitive commercial landscapes create levels of uncertainty that demand heightened market vigilance and constant re-interpretation.

Rapid market responsiveness requires agility of both thinking and action, creating intense pressure for those leading organisations today. It’s becoming ever more challenging for small groups of strategic decision-makers to possess all the data required to make informed choices.

The smooth, multi-directional flow of intelligence within an organisation is the antidote to siloed thinking and decision-making, arguably underpinning long-term survival. World-class internal communication is the primary sense-making mechanism that will determine the difference between failure and success in the future of work. 

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