IoIC launches AI white paper

We are pleased to be able to announce the release of our new AI white paper: AI and the future of internal communication. 

12 Sep 2023

As a membership community we believe that keeping our members informed and educated is paramount. 

Following the IoIC Roadshow this spring, we recognised the importance of exploring and unpacking the impact of AI, listening to our members as they told us they wanted to better understand the risks and opportunities, to be able to better enhance strategic value to their C-suite colleagues. 

Since starting our journey to better understand the future of work, we’ve learned more about the potential for new technologies to disrupt and transform jobs, organisational design and, indeed, entire sectors and industries. 

In June, we commissioned development agency MKAI to be our specialist partner to facilitate an initial discussion about what AI means for internal communication right now and to better understand current thinking around viable approaches, while also bringing the concerns people and organisations have about these new technologies to the surface. 

We invited a select group of those operating at the highest levels of internal comms, across a range of sectors and industries, to share their hopes and fears in the age of AI, and we have put together a white paper to attempt to address some of those perspectives. 

We look forward to continue our exploration of this impactful topic with upcoming webinars and courses to provide members with more insight and support. 

Download the white paper today and join us on our journey.