IoIC launches scenario planning report

Designed as a conversation-starter, the report has been commissioned to offer future possible scenarios to enable readers to imagine, design and plan for a future of work in which internal communication is an essential ingredient of organisational success outcomes.

17 Nov 2022

The IoIC is pleased to announce the launch of the four futures of internal communication scenario planning report. 

Intended as food for thought rather than an exhaustive analysis, the scenarios presented are based on an overview of global events underpinned by key shifts, undercurrents and predictions linked to work's evolving future. Change is continuous, and while the future is very hard to predict accurately, with the benefit of hindsight, expert analysis, and awareness of all the external forces at play, we are still able to create the future we want.

This is not intended to be prescriptive, nor a definitive statement of what is to come, but rather to spark conversation and examine emerging sociocultural trends and myriad of factors driving change at work. 

IoIC chief executive Jennifer Sproul believes 'It's important to take a step back to better evaluate and understand the changing environment and what it means for internal communications. We hope that this report will support our community of IC professionals to plan ahead and make a strategic impact within their organisations, and the profession as a whole.'

You can view the report here, register for our Future of Work- 2023 Priorities webinar or attend our Future of Work workshops for more information.