IoIC’s call to the new government

The Vital Role of Internal Communication in Driving Growth and Building Productivity

05 Jul 2024

Economic growth is at the heart of the new government’s agenda.  The internal communication profession knows that the foundation of growth is good work where people feel informed, connected, listened to and purposeful – in short that they matter at work.

As the only professional body solely dedicated to the promotion of high standards in internal communication, the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) launches a call to the new government to consult and collaborate with the internal communication profession in shaping and delivering good work and make sure that people are placed at the heart of business.

We urge the government to recognise and harness the power of internal communication to build trust, drive productivity, and enhance the wellbeing of the UK workforce.

The Importance of Internal Communication

Internal communication is not merely a tool for disseminating information; it is the cornerstone of building trust within the workforce. Trust in managers, senior leaders, and CEOs, as measured by our IC Index, currently sits at a positive 63%. This trust is essential for aligning employees with the organisation's vision for the future, which in turn fosters productivity, wellbeing, and hope.

In the past 12 months, four in ten organisations have undergone restructuring, highlighting an unprecedented need for effective change communication. Our data indicates that when employees perceive communication as excellent, their belief in its openness and honesty is remarkably high at 93%. Moreover, 62% of employees expect their employers to take significant stances on societal issues such as inequality and climate change. and climate change.These statistics underscore the necessity for robust internal communication strategies to navigate and support large-scale business change and transformation.

The Role of Internal Communication in National Alignment

Internal communication professionals possess the expertise to act as a bridge between leadership and employees. By providing expert advice and fostering transparent communication, we can help restore confidence and create a sense of hope and belief among the workforce. This alignment is not only vital for individual businesses but also for the broader vision of the country's future.

Institute’s Requests to the New Government

To achieve these goals, we respectfully request the following from the new government:

  1. Consultation and Collaboration: Engage in comprehensive consultation and collaboration with the internal communication profession. Our insights can aid in aligning and delivering the government's vision, ensuring that policies are effectively communicated and embraced by the workforce.
  2. Regulation for Social Media and AI: Implement and enforce regulations to ensure the responsible use of social media and artificial intelligence. Transparency and the dissemination of truthful, authentic communication are paramount in rebuilding trust and maintaining a healthy information ecosystem.

Rebuilding trust is essential to the future of our country. There is an urgent need for greater hope and belief, alongside a collective effort to address and discuss the major issues impacting society. Transparency and regulation will ensure that communication remains truthful and authentic.

As a community of experts, we stand ready to provide the government with real-world advice on how its actions and vision will impact the UK workforce. We are committed to supporting the creation of a more aligned, productive, and hopeful future for all.

We look forward to the opportunity to work closely with the new government in driving these initiatives forward. Together, we can foster a more trusting, aligned, and productive society.

Jennifer Sproul
Chief Executive
Institute of Internal Communication


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IC Index 2024: The Trust Issue

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