The potential and power of IC in a people-first, hybrid world

As hybrid working brings an equal amount of opportunities and challenges for employees, especially around communication, how is IC having to reconsider, rethink and reset its role and potential?

22 Sep 2022

IoIC President Suzanne Peck was invited to present a keynote session at the PRCA’s virtual Employee Engagement Conference this week to address PRCA’s theme of building engagement in a hybrid world.

From the need for more tailored comms; making clarity of purpose crystal clear; maximizing the use of digital tools and channels;  and using our skills and talent to be a better partner to the business,  Suzanne talked about the potential and different opportunities for IC.

Now more than ever, she said, IC professionals are better equipped, better skilled, and better placed to articulate and share the difference IC can make in keeping employees engaged and connected – no matter where people work.

The Institute of Internal Communication Board of Directors consists of 19 elected and engaged senior leaders in the field of internal communication. Actively involved in the IC community, they are dedicated to raising industry standards, leading the way through the changes within the profession.

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