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The IoIC mentoring programme is a member benefit which is designed to support both mentees and mentors in their professional development.Through careful consideration of your individual interests, requirements, skills and expertise, we will connect you with a like-minded professional with whom you can develop an encouraging and confidential relationship to help you achieve your objectives.

At IoIC we recognise that, as the UK's only professional body dedicated to internal communication, we have not only an opportunity but a responsibility to do everything we can to create a more diverse and inclusive profession, where access to opportunities is equal. We would like to offer anyone from the BAME community who is either seeking to enter or progress within the IC profession the opportunity to apply for the mentoring scheme as a mentee, or for experienced IC professionals in the BAME community to apply to be a mentor, even if they are not currently an IoIC member. 

We are also pleased to introduce reverse mentoring - the opportunity to learn from professionals who may be more junior or have less experience of the profession - and encourage senior internal communication professionals to consider engaging with the process of reverse mentoring. There will be an opportunity to express your interest in reverse mentoring in the mentee application form. 

In addition, due to the impact that Covid-19 has had on the job market and the number of internal comms professionals who have sadly lost their role to redundancy, we have added the option to let us know that you are specifically looking for support to secure a new IC role as a mentee or are able to support IC professionals in their job search as a mentor.  

Mentoring applications have now closed. Our next round of applications will re-open in June 2021.
Please note that, due to the number of applications recieved from mentees in comparison to applications from mentors, the IoIC cannot guarentee a match every time. If we are unable to find a match for you, the IoIC Professional Development team will provide considered recommendations for development based on your objective.



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