Three amazing reasons why I would recommend the mentor programme

Pippa Treavett

26 Feb 2024
by Pippa Treavett

How has being a mentee contributed to your personal and professional development? 

Being able to access the knowledge, support and experience of my mentor through the IOIC programme has helped me to reassess and prioritise my career aspirations and define the areas I want to focus on in the future. It has helped me to benchmark my breadth of experience and explore where I can professionally have the most impact. 

Could you share a specific example of a valuable lesson or skill you've acquired through the mentor relationship. 

As communications professionals we are skilled at getting to the heart of complex problems and advising others to create and shape effective outcomes for colleagues, clients or partners we work with. It has been so amazingly helpful to have such thoughtful and laser focused challenge applied to me. It makes me think even more deeply about the positive impact I can have when I ask questions. 

What has been your biggest takeaway in being mentored? My biggest takeaway so far has been the chance to take a structured approach to exploring what matters to me most at work now and assessing where I can make changes. Often, in a comms role we’re stretched advising, coaching, guiding, and supporting other’s that we need to also make sure we build in time to reflect on and invest in what we need too.

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