A Conversation with IoIC CEO, Jennifer Sproul

Series 8, Bonus Episode of The Future of Internal Communication Podcast

06 Dec 2023
by Jennifer Sproul

In this bonus episode, IoIC CEO,  Jennifer Sproul shares her unique perspective on internal communication. She discusses the shift from a functional approach to a focus on relationships and culture. Jen emphasises the importance of the human factor in internal communication and the need for confidence and capacity in the profession. She also highlights the challenges faced by internal communicators, such as the need to attract diverse skill sets and the evolving nature of work. The team also discusses the future of internal communication and the role of academic literature in empowering communicators. The conversation explores the importance of communication in uncertain times and the role it plays in navigating instability and uncertainty. The conversation also highlights the opportunities for internal communicators in the areas of people and culture, as well as change and leadership. It emphasises the importance of sense-making conversations in keeping up with the rapidly changing world.


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S8 Bonus Episode Transcript


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