Exploring the 4-Day Work-Week with Joe Ryle

Series 6, BONUS episode of the Future of Internal Communication podcast

22 Feb 2023

The pandemic and hybrid work have triggered a mass re-evaluation of how we work. It’s becoming clear that reaching a ‘new normal’ will take years to resolve. Many organisations have started to re-examine standardised work practices and experiment with alternative ways of working. Between June and December 2022, 70 UK organisations participated in the world’s largest ever trial of a 4-day working week.

With results of the pilot revealed this week, we wanted to chat with Joe Ryle – Director of the 4-Day Week Campaign.

In this special bonus episode, Joe explains the background behind the campaign for a 4-day work week and shared his views on where the trend for new working patterns is headed. Most importantly, we discussed the opportunity for internal communication professionals to help re-shape how we work, to the benefit of all.