The IoIC's Masters programme has been a highlight in my career

From the first time I contacted the IoIC about their Masters programme, I felt like I'd found my tribe! Although I'd been away from formal education for 20+ years, I was made feel welcome and included.

30 Jun 2022
by Linda Ryan

Is this a lot of work? Yes, it is. However, expectations are clear from the outset and the tutoring team offered me their constant support.

Did I enjoy it? Honestly, it's been a highlight in my career.

Would I recommend it? I would do it all again in a heartbeat! The learning and reading were all so relevant and so relatable – valuable and usable in my current and future positions, the guest speakers – leading industry experts, the likes of which I would not have had the opportunity to hear from directly and the support from my classmates helped me every step of the way.

I would encourage anyone contemplating the Masters in Internal Communications Management to take the leap, believe in yourself the way the tutors will and enjoy all the learning it has to offer! You won't regret it!

I was never going to be top of the class; my family and work commitments could only allow me so much 'spare time'. However, top of the class never my ambition either and I was never made feel 'less than' as a result. To successfully complete my Master's degree, at this stage in my life and career, has fulfilled a personal ambition and given me a new found confidence. The IoIC, in conjunction with Solent University, has supported me all the way and I would highly recommend this Master's programme to anyone considering it. Best of luck! 

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