The transformation opportunity for internal communicators with Kevin Green

Series 7, Episode 5 of the Future of Internal Communication podcast

05 Jul 2023

When Jen Sproul met Kevin Green at a conference in late 2022, they immediately hit it off. With a long-standing career in HR, staffing and employment, Kevin has an expert view on how to accelerate inclusion, engagement and performance at work.

Today, Kevin is Chief People Officer of First Bus, one of the UK’s largest bus operators, with some 14,000 staff. As labour markets continue to perplex leaders across the board, it’s increasingly obvious that organisations must rethink the role people play in business sustainability and resilience.

Kevin is leading the way in this area. First Bus has initiated a transformational people strategy to place colleagues and customers at the heart of its commercial goals. In this episode, Jen, Cat, Dom and Kevin discuss the opportunities for internal communicators as we move into the future of work.