Empowered Communicator Charlotte

Charlotte, Civil Service

When I started working with Jo I was feeling like my confidence had dropped, I was struggling with finding my place in the workplace. I have been an Internal Communications Professional for nearly 8 years and I know that to go further I needed to have a different approach to how I developed my resilience but also to spend a little time looking at what is important to me, how to deal with difficult situations and how to have a little reset and find joy in my work again.

I found great value in this small group of attendees. We developed a lovely bond where it felt safe to share how we were feeling or difficult things we had encountered. The support from Jo and the group meant that the course steered us to find the solutions we needed.

Today I am I feel more confident in stepping forward, I value my professionalism and I feel more resilient to the difficult situations we can all find ourselves in. I think I underestimated how much you can gain from just taking time out for yourself, away from emails to do some development work and look at the areas I wanted to improve.

The biggest insight I had was learning about differences in values and just what I valued (which was different to what I thought). This has benefited me not only in the work place but with out of work-related relationships too.  When faced with difficult situations, understanding how values differ to your own enables means you can continue to identify this and work around it without constant clashing.

Having the space to discuss things that we were struggling with a work and getting an unbiased view was also incredibly valuable.

The experience would have been even better if the course was in person as it was so lovely to meet everyone – but! I don’t think it would be as accessible for everyone, for example,  if it was held in London due to travel etc the train strikes throughout the year would probably have meant major disruptions and we wouldn’t have had the group we had.


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