Empowered Communicator Lauren Neadle

Lauren Neadle, Senior Internal Communications Executive, Voyage Care

01 Feb 2024
by Lauren Neadle

When I started working with Jo I was feeling demotivated, I had exceptionally low self esteem and I felt completely lost. I was questioning everything about my life, was I in the right line of work? Did I have the balance all wrong between work and home? Is there something wrong with me if I can't motivate myself? All of these questions kept gnawing at me and things I eventually lost all my confidence. 

Once I started the course, the most comforting thing for me is that I found other people that were also feeling in limbo. Although all our situations were so different, we all had one thing in common, we needed to feel more empowered to make the right decisions for us. Jo created a caring, calm environment where I felt able to share exactly how I was feeling without fear of being shamed or judged. 

I will forever be grateful for the unwavering support from Jo and the other people on my course. Throughout our time together I was able to learn so much about myself and understand what steps I needed to take to gain clarity. I will always appreciate Jo's professionalism, her kind and empathetic nature made it so easy to share my true feelings, growing in confidence with each session. 

Fast forward a few months and I truly feel like a different person. I prioritise my mental health, without guilt and I am so much more confident in my decisions. I have learnt to trust that others will tell me when something is wrong, rather than worry that people are hiding how they feel. I have become more resilient, by becoming more vulnerable. When I share how I feel with my team straight away, I have been able to overcome challenging emotions far quicker - making me far less anxious! My motivation came back like it was never missing, achieving goals at work and feeling so proud that I have got my 'mojo' back. 

Honestly, the only way this experience would have been better, is if I could continue to do it every week! It felt like therapy and has changed my life. Jo is exceptional at what she does, a true inspiration to those wanting to bring their whole selves to work. Thank you for helping me be me again!


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