Should I Stay or Should I Go? New data from the IC Index 23

We are pleased to release further data from the IC Index, using data gathered from 3,000 UK workers in March this year, this report examines the key push and pull factors that are most important to employees when considering their existing and potential employers.

08 Nov 2023
should I stay or should I go 400 x 400.png

In a rapidly changing professional landscape, the launch of the latest research study titled "Should I Stay or Should I Go" offers invaluable insights into the factors that influence employee retention. With the working world undergoing profound transformations, this report, which is based on data gathered from 3,000 UK workers in March of this year, has the potential to redefine how organisations approach talent retention and acquisition.

The last few years have brought about unprecedented shifts in how people view work, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work, flexible hours, and a newfound emphasis on work-life balance have all contributed to a changing dynamic between employers and employees. "Should I Stay or Should I Go" aims to answer the questions: How have these changes fundamentally altered our perception of work? What factors influence employees to either stay in their current roles or seek new opportunities?

Key findings from the research are expected to help internal communications and HR professionals design effective strategies to manage talent throughout various stages of the employee lifecycle. It also equips leaders and managers with the necessary insights to communicate effectively about topics that truly matter to their workforce. By tailoring messaging for different audience segments based on their unique interests, organisations can foster stronger connections with their employees.

Data in this report comes from research undertaken by Ipsos Karian and Box among UK workers in 2023, which led to the production of The IC Index 2023, in collaboration with the Institute of Internal Communication.