Sue Palfrey shares her Masters experience

A recent graduate's reflections on completing the Masters in Internal Communication

30 Jun 2023
by Sue Palfrey

I recently completed the Masters in Internal Communication Management programme at the Institute of Internal Communication and Solent University and I'd like to share my reflections to encourage those considering the course to take the plunge!

In terms of both personal and professional development, the course far exceeded my wildest expectations. Balancing a full-time job and an MA was always going to be challenging, but what I hadn't anticipated was the opportunity it provided for us to immerse ourselves in our beloved profession. Carving out the time and resources to pour over the latest research, finding proof after proof of the value we create, meeting fellow internal communication enthusiasts from around the world, and hearing from some of the best known voices in our field all helped to rekindle my passion for our craft and reminded me of the value we can provide in numerous ways.

But enough of the fuzzy feelings that the course gave me, and on to the content itself.

The content provided is fascinating, stretching, and incredibly varied, the majority of which I've consistently referred back to or explored further in my own time since completing the MA. Organisational theory, strategy development, employee engagement, stakeholder influencing, and business research were among the topics covered in the wide-ranging subjects.

Prior to the MA, I thought I had a good understanding of most of these topics, but as we began each module, I quickly realised that most of my prior knowledge was outdated or my interpretation of the topic had changed as my practitioner experience had matured. I found myself questioning my previous assumptions or able to use more real-life examples to bring a topic to life in a way that was relevant for today.

The final module centred on business research and the resulting project was one of the most rewarding tasks I've completed in recent years. I typically make decisions based on intuition, but the time spent learning how to conduct effective business research,  followed by the opportunity to carry it out from start to finish and then to present a management report with recommendations adopted by my organisation has increased my confidence, and fuelled a fire to do more in-depth business research to improve internal communication in the workplace. 

So in true MA style of concluding with a pithy statement, if you are thinking about challenging yourself with the MA go for it. You won’t regret it.

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