Exploring the IC Index with Susanna Holten

Bonus Episode of the Future of Internal Communication podcast

09 Aug 2023

What if there were data to prove the business case for internal communication? What if we could see in fine detail the impact of internal communication on employee experience and engagement?

Well, now there is and now we can. In July 2023, the IoIC launched brand new research in partnership with Employee Research and Experience Agency, Karian and Box. The IC Index is the first of its kind analysis of the value internal communication provides to employees across the UK. If you haven’t already done so, you can download your copy here.

In this bonus episode, Jen, Dom and Cat welcome Susanna Holten, Senior Consultant with Ipsos Karian and Box to discuss the report’s findings and explore what this means for the future of internal communication. They unpick the highlights and showcase opportunities for internal communication professionals to add even more value to their organisations.