Getting to know our Fellows: Q&A with Sinead Bell

Sinead Bell, director at Hanover Communications, is the latest recipient of an IoIC Fellowship. Here, she talks about her passion for internal comms and the value of a good network.

08 Aug 2023

How did you end up working in internal comms?

I pursued a career in communications because I have a passion – and respect – for words. Although I started out in media relations, I was always attracted to internal communication because of its pivotal role in delivering business success, its proximity to its target audience and the growing need for authenticity and relatability.

Working in an agency means you are able to work on a range of clients and briefs, so when anything related to internal communication came in, I couldn’t put my hand up fast enough. I gained experience over time and then had the opportunity to develop and launch an Internal Communications Practice at Hanover Communications, which I still head up.

Why did you choose to pursue a Fellowship?

I have been a member of the IoIC for just shy of four years, and on the Greater London Committee for much of that time. I have seen first-hand the immense value that the Institute offers to its members – bringing professionals together, sharing the latest insights and learnings, and providing opportunities for professional development. But beyond that, the IoIC is working to support and shape the future of the internal communications profession and that is something I very much want to be a part of.

What has your career in internal comms taught you?

That it is OK – and, in fact, helps – to be an overthinker.

What advice would you give to internal communicators who are at the beginning of their career?

Nurture your network. Whether you’re a team of one or part of a wider communications group, having contacts outside of your organisation that you can bounce ideas off and learn from – or go to as a source of support – can be extremely helpful.

Also, in my experience, internal communication tends to attract really thoughtful, interesting and emotionally intelligent people and, as a result, you may find yourself making more than just contacts – you may be making friends.  

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